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    Taak Inc.

    Designing Company

    Taak Inc. is an architecture and engineering A/E design firm that was founded in January 2012 by Mr. Ferdous Samim who is an architect and AIA (American Institute of Architects) member. Our motto is to bring new vision and energy to Afghan architecture and engineering industry. Taak Inc. is a registered design firm in Kabul Municipality and an international Associate in AIA. Deeply rooted in Taak Inc. is the passion to resurrect the architecture of Afghanistan and create environmentally sustainable designs as well as providing management services for the construction projects. We value innovation, creativity, community engagement, and quality production as well as the satisfaction of our customers with our services.

    Who We Are

    We have a team of over 50 experts in multiple geographical areas. Taak Inc.’s founder and employees are nationally and internationally educated Afghans who have joined Taak Inc. because of their unique abilities, creativity and a sense of responsibility and commitment towards changing the business and architecture scene of our country. Each employee at Taak Inc. works in the area of their own expertise and on what they enjoy and love doing. We firmly believe that the best work is done when there is passion, and we hire only the most qualified and passionate ones. In addition to providing a warm, comfortable and flexible working space, Taak Inc. also invests in raising the capacity of its employees and often provides them with trainings, workshops and other opportunities to learn more. This company is dedicated to creating original work which is only possible when each team member has the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and is relieved of stress.Taak Inc.’s architects, engineers and consultants are professionals who are committed to creating quality work in accordance with national and international codes and standards. We use and suggest the best material and software to produce results that are unique and efficient. We take pride in identifying and hiring talented Afghan youth and building their capacities as well as increasing their abilities. Therefore Taak Inc. is made of a creative team who use traditional and modern knowledge and methods to show originality where they are part of the architectural department and create innovative designs. Taak Inc. enjoys the privilege of having a large network in Afghanistan and international market. All of our employees are Afghans who have the experience of working with large national and international companies, governmental organizations and humanitarian foundations across the country and the globe.

    Our mission

    Taak Inc.’s mission is to nurture and encourage innovation in Afghanistan, revive Afghan architecture using environmentally-friendly methods, and provide our clients with quality and professional services.

    Our Services

    • Design
      • Architecture
      • Interior
      • Structure
      • Civil
      • Electrical
      • Road
      • Mechanical
      • HVAC
    • Infrastructure
      • Irrigation Projects
      • Water Supply, Sewage & Storm Water Design
      • Flow and Pressure Measuring
      • Dam and Pond Projects
    • Supervision
    • Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Topographical Survey
    • Special Construction

    Taak Inc. has done over 120 small and medium size projects in areas of design, consultancy, renovation, as-built, survey and construction. Our areas of expertise are in residential, commercial, military projects, public and government entities, and other various types of buildings in several provinces of Afghanistan. We have given a new shape to afghan architecture since Taak Inc. has been operational.