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    SidAgri (Private) Limited Islamabad

    SidAgri (Private) Limited is a progressive enterprise,  that while following best international practices, strives to promote modern agricultural business techniques – by example and advise – to help farmers of Pakistan and Afghanistan to become engines of national growth and development.


    Following are the key business areas in which SidAgri (Private) Limited is active:

    1. Progressive Farming: Traditional crops, organic farming, high value off season vegetables, tunnel-farming, orchard development, and development of marginal lands into prime agricultural land.
    2. Forestry: Reforestation and growing new forests.
    3. Nurseries: Managing Pakistan’s largest nursery system producing and marketing all kinds of plants including fruit plants, ornamental plants and plants of forest variety. SidAgri also market nursery equipment, tools and goods.
    4. Agricultural Inputs: Trading in agricultural inputs including pesticides and herbicides, fertilizers and nutrients, and seeds.
    5. Consultancies and Trainings: Providing trainings and consultancies in precision/advanced agriculture, and specialize in third party project assessments and validations (TPV).
    6. Cold storage, Transportation, Warehousing, and Packaging of Agricultural Output: Extensive activity in food storage, packaging and export and imports of agricultural commodities.
    7. Dairy and Livestock: Moderate operations in the field of dairy farming and meat farming, including production of various varieties of livestock feed.

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