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    Prime Minister Imran Khan orders opening of Afghan border in Chaman

    Prime Minister Imran Khan directed on Friday to open the Pak-Afghan border and let trucks crossover into Afghanistan.

    In a tweet from his official Twitter handle, the PM said that despite global pandemic of coronavirus, Pakistan remains committed to supporting its Afghan brothers and sisters. He announced that he has directed authorities to open the Chaman-Spinboldak border.

    “In time of crisis, we remain steadfast with Afghanistan,” he tweeted.

    The federal government had taken the decision to close Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan amid apprehensions of an outbreak of the novel coronavirus last month.

    The government had issued a letter with regard to the closure of the Pak-Afghan border crossing at Chaman and dealt with the closure by dividing it into different phases.

    In the first phase, Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan was closed from March 02 (Monday) for seven days.

    On March 10, Pakistan extended the closure of Pak-Afghan border at Chaman for next seven days amid coronavirus fears as phase 2.

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