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    Galaxy International Transit & Forwarding Ltd.

    Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Company

    GalaxyITF is an Afghanistan-based multi-disciplinary trade, transit, freight forwarding, procurement and logistics with highly experienced professionals on its panel, catering customized procurement, logistics, transport and brokerage services to the broad clientele businesses to Governmental and Non- Governmental Organizations, RS/NATO and Diplomatic Missions either directly or through their main contractors with pan Afghanistan reach and beyond.

    GalaxyITF is working with a motto of a truly better transit and forwarding, brokerage, procurement and logistics service provider’ with well defined approach and customer care within Afghanistan and abroad.

    GalaxyITF is geared to perform its level best to provide with the operations where safety and time bound services are a must. GITF utilizes state of the art technology for expediting the pace of performance and to reach its client with minimum time frame to ultimately accomplish the assigned task. GalaxyITF has evolved from a group of companies with a history spans over 5 years of businesses in diversified trading portfolios within Afghanistan.

    We have our own bases, arranged storage facilities, warehouses and transportation system in all over Afghanistan of strategic importance

    With over five years of not only industry experience, our leadership team is part of what makes Galaxy International Transit & Forwarding Ltd. This team of tenured transportation experts is ready to lead Galaxy into the future.

    The team of professionals serving GalaxyITF is structured of marketing and business development experts, procurement and logistic specialists, transport analysts and planners, who apply strategic thinking to achieve sustainable business development solutions, by combining technical, economic and financial, social and environment specific skills with deep sector and industry understanding. We create a unique package of business services and product supply.

    Our sustained partnership in transportation and customs clearance and supply of goods, has given GITF its due reputation of credibility and reliability among its local and international clients, especially RS/NATO. Therefore, GalaxyITF has the honor of working with RS/NATO, Diplomatic Missions, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations and Public and Private Sectors in exempted goods related documents processing and transportation and its supply chain management.

    GalaxyITF is a fast growing real time service provider, by bringing the highest technology and adopting the international standards in its service provision in the today’s Afghanistan’s emerging markets and believes on fastest products/goods supply chain management with the principle objective of ultimate client/customer satisfaction at both ends.


    Through many years of experiences with different customers and projects GalaxyITF could gain specific capabilities which we provide to all our customers. Our logistic solutions are covering ground, sea and air transportation with different services in all major disciplines of the logistic branch. In order to support and promote our partners different businesses GalaxyITF provides its efficient logistic services on the customer based transportation needs with single services and products up to a complete supply chain management.

    • Packaging

    As logistics specialist in Afghanistan and countries around in middle Asia GalaxyITF has build up a huge network to partners in the field of packaging for local purposes. GalaxyITF can mediate or arrange the whole supply chain need of your enterprise.

    • Warehousing:

    GalaxyITF is locally present in all major Aghan business areas to provide essential logistic services. Our offices are to be finding close to all Afghan larger cities and country borders. Therefore, GalaxyITF is able to deliver timely critical products from its warehouses to all locations. Furthermore, GalaxyITF is able to overtake the whole management of storing products until its’ distribution.

    • Freight Forwarding:

    As logistic specialist GalaxyITF provides the following services to meet with all customers special logistic needs:

    • Ground Transportation
    • Sea Transportation
    • Air Transportation
    • Logistics Management:

    Where other enterprises fail to solve conflicts our GalaxyITF employees are highly trained and qualified to find a solution to in your way of conflict management. GalaxyITF is able to support you in your daily business in solving partly logistic issues or to overtake as representative the whole Supply Chain Management.

    • Logistic Services:

    GalaxyITF provides the following logistic services according to your business needs:

    • Packaging (see above)
    • Documents Management
    • Materials & Equipment Management
    • Container Management
    • Process Monitoring
    • Tax Services
    • Assurance Services