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    Construction sector has improved well and it has been good business since last two decades in Afghanistan, especially in the Capital Kabul. From start of Karzai’s presidency, US support and international funds flowed into the country, in result of which construction and development of Army compounds, Airports, building of new roads, power plants, power transmission lines, housing schemes and private residential buildings has made a great progress. However, construction companies and construction sector as whole requires more of standardization and improvements.

    Local/national companies do not have the capacity to implement government mega projects. ie, building of roads or construction of dams. So Afghan Government has no choice but to hire international companies for execution of such mega projects. International companies being new to project sites, hire many subcontractors for complete execution of projects. Dividing of one mega project to many projects for subcontractors and further smaller portions, implemented by different companies, degrades quality and efficiency of the project overall. Furthermore, almost all of construction materials are imported to the country with results in higher expenses of construction activities as of in other countries.

    Now Afghanistan requires to standardize construction companies and to improve transparency in construction projects. Moreover, quality of imported construction materials should be ensured as well.

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