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    In order to expand mutual peace, prosperity and overcome barriers to trade Cross Roads Consultants with support from Hollings Center for International Dialogue is launching an Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal. The aim is to support and grow bilateral trade and economic links between private sector entities and strengthen B2B links in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal will serve as an online business development and facilitation platform to build partnerships and encourage joint ventures, providing updated links to information on regulatory frameworks, licensing issues and investment opportunities in both countries.

    The project will serve as a modest but practical attempt at expanding Pak-Afghan bilateral trade relations as well as a means of linking and encouraging a new generation of urban-based Afghan and Pakistani businessmen to jointly explore business and investment opportunities in each other’s countries. It will also serve as an advocacy and communication platform for promoting trade, business-to-business and people to people slinks between the two countries.


    Dr Simbal Khan (PhD)-Project Head

    A Conflict Prevention and Peace building specialist/security analyst specializing in South-Central Asian region. Currently working as a consultant for UNDP on the Decentralization and Local Governance Program. Previously had long engagement with conflict prevention, analysis, CVE, de-radicalization and security/political risk analysis in the region. A specialist on trans-border militant movements in the regional space. For the last ten years her work has focused on strengthening community and societal resilience against conflict in Pakistan and the broader South-Central Asian region. She had also engaged in Track 1 and Track 2 peace building dialogues on Afghanistan and engaged in providing high level expert input into International and National peace building initiatives on Afghanistan.

    Ferdous Samim-Afghan Project Partner

    Architect by profession and founder of Taak Inc.  Taak Inc. is a leading Afghan enterprise in areas of architecture, engineering, interior and graphic design. In addition to providing service, Taak Inc. is a socially conscious business that supports initiatives taken to support the rights of women and children and contribute to the progress and development of Afghanistan.

    Arsalan Ahmed-Research Analyst (Pakistan)

    A passionate researcher with the zeal to take on public policy initiatives to bring change in development sector. A Public Policy scholar , researcher and analyst on trade , peace and media. He had worked as a researcher and media analyst for various organizations since 2014.

    Muhammad Ali-Researcher (Afghanistan)

    Afghanistan based researcher with vast knowledge of social research and possess valuable knowledge about regional security matters.